Liberals are losing it over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Here are 14 of the most insane reactions.

1. This Woman Who Can’t Drive Because She’s Blind With Rage

2. Sen. Diane Feinstein Who Thinks America Is Done

3. The Women’s March

4. These Media Outlets Are Not Taking The News Well

5. This Woman Who Just Needs A Hug

6. This Guy Who’s Very Concerned About The Eskimos

7. Valerie Jarrett Who Is Being Very Calm

8. This Protestor Who Shrieked Like An Animal

9. Lena Dunham Who Will Spend Today Reading About Other People’s Beauty Routines

10. ‘Conservative’ WaPo Columnist Jennifer Rubin Who Is Upset The Constitution Is A Thing

11. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Who Thinks She Speaks For All Women

12.Protestors Being Arrested on the Steps of the Supreme Court

13. This Feminist Clearly Thinking Rationally

14. These Protestors Who Are Threatening Violence


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