Massive Turnout For ‘Million MAGA March’ In Washington, DC Saturday


Tens of thousands took to the streets for the “Million MAGA March” surrounding the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Saturday to support President Trump and demand that election fraud be investigated. Protesters traveled from across the country and even the world

Signs at the march exemplified the diversity among the marchers. There were LGBTQ for TrumpFarmers for TrumpTaiwanese for TrumpRomanians for Trump, Slavs for Trump, black voices for Trump, and women for Trump. Across their different backgrounds, MAGA marchers were united in their unwavering support for the president. They decked out in red, white, and blue attire, waved American and Trump flags, and carried homemade signs.

Corporate media did their best to belittle the march, falsely claiming only “hundreds” were in attendance and hypocritically complaining about the event increasing COVID cases after celebrating marches that broke out in leftist cities after media decided to insist Joe Biden was instead elected. Of course, last weekend, there was little to no concern for the massive Biden celebrations at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC.   

One man, anticipating the media’s reaction, wrote on his homemade sign “the media is the virus.” 

President Donald Trump made an appearance at the march, waving as his motorcade drove past marchers in Freedom Plaza. 

Trump supporters expressed their deep distrust in the election results, given the evidence of significant fraud via mail-in ballots and other anomalies. The MAGA protesters came to show support for the president, who they believe fought for them for four years against the Washington elites. 

Perhaps most importantly, the thousands who showed up to support the president not only in DC, but across the country, are proving that the Republican Party will not be turning back to the pre-Trump era.