Anger and rage appear to be the emotions of choice for liberals after CNN accused President Trump of declaring, “Pocahontas is now the face of [the Democratic] party” in reference to Senator Elizabeth Warren.

According to CNN, Trump made his comment during a meeting with senators earlier this week as Warren – who has been accused of faking Native American heritagemade headlines for criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump has traditionally been critical of Warren for claiming to have Native American heritage. During his Presidential campaign, he once joked at a rally, “She’s got less Native American blood in her than I have, ok?”

Liberals were triggered then and they most certainly are now, if comments on CNN’s Facebook post are any indicator.

Some, like the commenter below, even appear to be blaming President Trump for the recent immigration raids, even after numerous people have pointed out that similar raids have been carried out in Obama’s term.

“Last I checked, Pocahontas was a very respected historical figure who helped relations between natives and the invading whites,” declared one Facebook user, Lisa-Marie Snyder.

Some commenters, however, are defending Trump and bashing Warren for her supposed “appropriation” of Native culture.

Surprisingly even Mary Katharine Ham – whom Trump actually slammed not long ago as being too negative – defended Trump’s joke.

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