Mollie Hemingway joined Fox News’s “Media Buzz” on Sunday to talk about how the media have failed to cover Donald Trump fairly. Hemingway said much of the press’s criticisms of Trump’s 77-minute-long presser Thursday were tired and stale.

“Yes he goes off on tangents, yes he lies or exaggerates, yes he insults people,” she said. “When you keep saying the same things about someone and expecting a different result — they say Donald Trump is crazy, but isn’t this like the very definition of crazy, what the media are doing?”

“When big media companies go to small-town pizza companies and try to destroy them because they don’t have the same sexual doctrines that the media do, it can feel threatening to people,” Hemingway said. “When they fail to cover a serial killer like Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who kept trophies of his victims and had a filthy clinic, and have to be shamed into covering it, it feels like they’re doing propaganda instead of news.”

“This feeling of the media being an enemy it’s just something Donald Trump is exploiting and I agree the best way we can handle it is by not dong such a bad job,” she said.

Hemingway also said the media’s visceral reaction to Trump’s critiques of the press puts them at odds with half of the country.

“I don’t think many people in many newsrooms had a positive reaction to the press conference — that puts them out of touch with the rest of that half of the country that loved it,” she said. “Media are not in a good position to be holding Trump accountable. We are believed to be less credible than Donald Trump.”

“We’re getting breathless headlines, not a lot of substantiation,” Hemingway said. “We should think more about how this story is developing and thinking about whether we’ve been had.”


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