Hello everyone, welcome to this week of stupid. Today is February 10, 2017. Let me start by saying–I’m really fucking sick of talking about Donald Trump, but it seems that we literally cannot do anything now, but– talk about Donald Trump. I’m really sorry, but– you just have to hear the things that are being said about Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Goetsch, it is being said that he was the founder of the student group called, “fascism forever club”. This is a major headline that went around almost to all of the “quote-unquote” credible mainstream left-leaning websites. Donald Trump’s choice for Supreme Court Justice allegedly founded the group “fascism forever club” when he was a student. Neil Goetsch reportedly set up the club to rebel against the left-wing staff members at Georgetown preparatory school in Washington DC, where he studied in the 80’s. I see– so this isn’t real is it? This is fake news, correct? This is just bullshit isn’t? This is going to turn out to be a joke, isn’t it? Neil Goetsch did not start an actual fascism high school club and political circles are presenting Goetsch’s fascism forever club as absolute truth. The faculty actually said, “there has never been a fascist club, it never existed”. This is what our current media does– no independent research was done, zero. This culminated and spread in the alt-left media, are you FUCKING SERIOUS? This is pathetic, you have lost touch with voters, viewers and you THE MEDIA– are increasingly lazy and irresponsible. I didn’t know anything about Neil Goetsch and I’ve never heard of him until he was selected.

Both the burden and the sharing are in the eye of the beholder. I don’t know if any EU country will ever find the equity that is being sought

Now, I am forced to defend him like another Mike Pence– some sort of utterly regressive fundamentalist Christian. Who thinks the earth is flat, and the earth is only 6000 years old and that god touches him at night.  Just stop lying–I spent half my time catching you in lies, MEDIA, this was nothing but slander and absolute bullshit! Speaking of fascist, there is this petition going around with 40,000 signatures to petition the president to declare ANTIFA a terrorist group and since ANTIFA met the English definition of a terrorist group– I actually think that should happen. Honestly, though, outside of the ANTIFA and they’re regressive defenders like CNN and Cenk Uygur, why the fuck would anyone be opposed to classifying them as a terrorist organization. They are literally using violence and intimidation for political purposes that is one the definitions of terrorism, of course, they feel it’s justified, but every terrorist organization feels it’s justified– that’s the problem—they are not justified but they do it anyway. I’ll tell you what, the left-wing press and their constant lies and hysteria against Donald Trump are vamping these people up and egging them on. They are painting the most unrealistic picture of reality, a distorted– fun house, hall of mirrors that Donald Trump is Hitler with a swastika on his arm. Then we see people on TV that are beating and smashing things up, they believe and are encouraged by the left– that this is an acceptable way to express your anger at losing a Democrat election.

The backdrop is the difficulty that many European countries have in integrating minorities into the social mainstream”

And the absolute lunacy of the week goes to Germany’s Der Spiegel News when they painted a cover of Donald Trump apparently converting to Islam, obviously they don’t mean it like that, obviously they’re just acting like he’s like some sort of tyrant who took the office of the United States with a military coup and is now doing things illegal and illegitimate. Do you think Obama would never have done that? Even though he did almost exactly the same things and put all of these powers into place. This is unbelievable, Der Spiegel put this out there and I’m not surprised that the Internet started meaning it. Since, we are on the subject of Germany, since we are on the subject of Angela Merkel– let us see what the Independent News have to say about Merkel this week. Independent News quote, “Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world and not Donald Trump” HA-HA-HA, Adolf Hitler’s dream has been realized, honestly, I’ve had to edit out my true response/reaction to this several times, I can hardly get the words out without flying into an apoplectic rage. Why in the living fuck– would someone want Merkel when her unilateral policy on migrants has seen thousands of people raped and murdered hundreds of thousands of other crimes, just, billions of euros spent from Germany and Euros budget on hosting people who are taking advantage of them.


Merkel’s tenure as Chancellor of Germany is going to be highly tainted by her abandonment of her duty and care of her country. She did this– she made all of this happen, the burden should fall on her shoulders. The thrice-elected soft-spoken former scientist from East Germany, under the doctorate in quantum chemistry– just doesn’t carry the weight of East Germany and Europe on her shoulders.

I think Angela Merkel is not capable of defending liberalism and freedom around the world and Germany is not capable of defending freedom and liberalism around the world. I honestly think that a large portion of the German establishment, is so far to the left– that they have become trapped in the grip of some feverish pathological altruism which seems to be what is driving Merkel’s decision to let in approximately 2 million migrants over the last couple of years. I think this is absolutely crazy and I think that Merkel herself is directly responsible for the deaths and rapes and damage that has been done to the German citizen because of her decision and the rise of the populist nationalist left-wing. She has caused this, at least in large part through policies, the idea that she is the defender of freedom and liberalism around the world just goes to show you how detached from reality the author of this article is. The idea that she even gives a shit about freedom liberalism is baffling to me. Where do you get this impression from? This is not an attempt to be provocative or exaggerate or effects, god forbid. Donald Trump cannot claim the mantle of leading the free world by default America’s military might– is not the only criteria necessary. Do I have to make the case?  Yes, yes I do. Since inauguration Trump is undermined and ignored judges even though an independent judiciary and separation of powers is key to a democracy.  But the ban on immigrants highlighted something far more draconian– are you serious? You think that not allowing foreigners into a country is more draconian than him taking over all of the separated powers of the state? You’re insane! If you believe that– you’re a fucking idiot! You don’t know what you’re talking about. If a president can abruptly restrict the rights of U.S. citizens without bothering lawmakers or government departments. Some people say he is in effect an autocrat for doing this– he wasn’t– he was restricting the rights of “non-US citizens”, who don’t have a right to enter the United States! That is not a right– that they have.


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